Matt’s Integrated Outfeed Assembly Table

Viewer Project - By Matt
Added on April 22, 2010

I figured I’d share this since it’s mostly based on what I’ve learned from watching your videos. I have posted this on another woodworking forum only to have people ask me for better pictures / plans, etc. For those looking for an outfeed table, lots of drawers to hold stuff, and an assembly table that’s dead-flat, this is it. My design is built with the addition of a sliding table saw in mind, and with 50″ rails. The drawer pulls were made with leopardwood and purpleheart , the trim around the torsion box is bubinga with wenge corner pieces. It’s 66″ x 84″ – long enough to assemble on one end, while still cutting on the other, OR use the whole length for cutting or the whole length for assembling. It also makes a great surface to lay sheet goods on for layout. If I were doing it over, I might convert the non-drawer area into a specialized compartment to hold a shopvac, air compressor, or plywood storage. I guess it’s not too late to change it!

Matt was also kind enough to make his original SketchUp file available.


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