Jeff’s Maple Bunk Bed

Viewer Project - By Jeff from Massachusetts
Added on October 29, 2009

Here are a few photos of a project I completed in April of 09. It is basically modified from Rockler’s Bunk Bed Plan, made from Maple with a few coats of water-based poly, for my youngest daughter. She has the smaller bedroom and uses the top bunk as a loft space for hanging out and reading (loves to read).

It is mostly to plan, but I substituted hardwood dowels for the turned spindles (yankee thrift) and left out a few of the curves. I don’t own a bandsaw so curves are roughed out with a handheld jigsaw and then completed with a pattern bit and my router. The top loft got quickly loaded with her ‘stuff’ including stuffed animals. The photos show the ‘backside’ view too (which is kind of funny, at least I think so).


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