Lucy’s Tack Box

Viewer Project - By Brian from Boulder, CO
Added on August 4, 2015

My first complex project presented many challenges and learning opportunities! This is a tack box for my youngest daughter, and because it will live in an unconditioned barn, it had to be durable and withstand the full range of Colorado climate conditions. To minimize expansion and contraction issues, the body of the box is constructed of cherry veneer plywood; but the top is made of solid cherry for greater durability and load-bearing capacity. Marrying the two materials with allowance for solid wood movement was a head-scratcher. The top is anchored and contained on the sides with sprung-jointed breadboard ends; and a sapele spline fixed to the plywood and screwed to the underside of the solid cherry lid through slotted holes allows free movement and adds a detail borne out of functional necessity.

Additional sapele accents inlayed into the cherry veneer plywood are complemented by a heart-shaped inset serving as a lid pull, and solid banding in the Greene and Greene inspired handles, (thanks Marc, for the inspiration in your Blanket Chest build!)
The lid’s depth accommodates built-in storage for towels and cloth wrappings. Removable interior accessories are made of birch plywood and include a sliding storage box and a grooming tool box. Exterior finish consists of sanding sealer, one coat of Watco Danish Oil, and three coats of wipe-on semi-gloss polyurethane.


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