Louis’ Steamer Trunk

Viewer Project - By Louis DeHan from Spokane, WA
Added on October 6, 2014

I wanted to create a trunk for the photo albums my mother gave to me just before she passed away. These albums go back 6 generations and are special to me and my siblings, so I wanted something special I could put them in. I found Duane’s Steamer Trunk on your web site and liked it immensely. I thought it perfect for my project and would be able to loan the trunk and albums out to my brothers and sisters for them to enjoy as well.

My friend Lawrence has a great wood shop in his basement and has been woodworking for decades as a hobby. This was the 3rd project he has guided me on and we made great use of your series of videos for “Duane’s Steamer Trunk”.

I didn’t like any of the hardware available for the lid support, so I made my own out of black walnut and oak doweling. I found my hardware online at Horton’s Brasses and am very happy with it.

I also downloaded SketchUp and love using it to draw my plans. I made extensive use of it as a learning device as well as embellishing the plans you created. Looking forward to more of your videos and my next project!