Ken’s Guild Build-Inspired Book Shelf

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Added on November 23, 2010

This project is particularly cool as it was inspired by the recent Chest of Drawers Guild Build. Ken did a great job of adapting the concept to a book case!

Thought I would send you some photos of my most recently completed project. It was inspired by the latest Guild Build. As we didn?t need a chest of drawers but we did need a new book shelf in the bedroom, some of your tips and tricks as always came in very handy.

The book case is solid cherry, 37?L X 16?W X 40 1/2?H. Finished with shellac and wax except for the top which has one coat of dewaxed shellac then two coats of poly. I like finishing with and the feel of shellac but wanted the protection of the poly for the top. The shelves are each 3/8? thick and will mainly hold paper backs. I did a stress test for three weeks with twice as many books as would fit on one shelf and it seemed to be OK. If over time they do start to sag then I will have to remake them with thicker material. They are able to move up or down about 3-4? each. The top as well as each of the shelves has a slight curve in the front to carry the curved legs and stretcher theme throughout the whole piece. As always love the site and videos.


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