Mahogany TV Stand

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Added on November 22, 2010

From: Kevin

Location: Broken Arrow, OK

Amateur or Pro: Amateur

Finish Used: A couple coats of natural Watco danish oil, followed by numerous coats of Arm-R-Seal.

Wood Species: Mahogany

Project Description:
I wanted to build a TV stand. I was inspired by Marc’s Walnut TV stand, but knew I wanted something different. I also didn’t want simple metal drawer pulls.

Most of the main box is mahogany plywood, joined with dadoes. There are a few pocket screws here and there, and a lot of glue (thank goodness for Titebond slow-set glue).

The top is a solid wood glue-up. It’s the first glue-up I’ve ever done. In fact, this is only my second decent sized project. The drawer boxes are birch plywood, trimmed with mahogany to cover the visible ply’s. The back is some sort of ply as well. The back panels fit into a slot at the bottom and they’re held by magnets at the top. I used the nice easy-close/self-closing sliders for the drawers. Really smooth and nice, but ridiculously expensive. Overall this project turned out a lot heavier than I expected. I should have integrated retractable casters.


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