Jeff’s Wedding Card Box

Viewer Project - By Jeff Collins from Cincinnati, OH
Added on February 16, 2012

My sister needed a nice box to put envelopes and gift cards into when she got married but I didn’t want to go through the trouble to make something nice only to have it never seen again once the wedding was over. Instead, I made the box so it’ll also double as a keepsake box that she can use after the wedding. To convert the box from card box to keepsake box, I made a rectangular finial that drops into the slot to hide the slot.

The joinery was miter joints reinforced with purpleheart splines. The sides were attached to the base using No. 20 biscuits. The lock is fully mortised and the hinges are half mortised.

Overall I thought this was a fun project and was well worth the effort when I saw the look on my sister’s face when I presented it to her. Even though I’d been giving her periodic updates, she was thrilled with the result.