Jeff’s Countertop-side Cutting Board

Viewer Project - By Jeff from Levis, Québec
Added on October 2, 2012

A friend of mine wanted a cutting board he would always leave on his brand-new stone counter top. He wanted it BIG : 26″ x 18″. And he wanted it to stay in place on the edge of the counter. So I built the board as I usually do (using Marc’s method) but I framed it in walnut, with the front lip wider so it would act as a stopper. I also made the rest of the frame 1/4″ wider than the board thickness to hide the small rubber feet I always use under my cutting boards to keep them from sliding around. As usual, I finished it with Naturoil that I mixed with bees wax for the last coat. That way I can buff them to shine a bit!


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