Grandpa Lawrence Presents: Lauren’s Dressing Table

Viewer Project - By Lawrence L Long from Centerville
Added on October 25, 2012

Our granddaughter fell in love with G-Ma’s dressing table and HAD to have one. The picture she sent from the internet was nothing like the one I had built for my wife….hmmmmm!

Anyway, the table is built of solid poplar and painted with milk paint and top coated with General Finishes’ High Performance Poly. Sanded out with 600 grit then with 0000 steel wool.

This was my first (possibly last) attempt at cabriole legs. I did a prototype prior to settling on the final forms. The stool is a shortened version of the table legs with the same contours. The drawers are jointed with half blind dovetails and the drawer bottoms are the only plywood in the piece. The table top drawer cases are aligned with Dominoes and attached from the bottom with screws. The table drawers have wooden dovetail center drawer slides that I fabricated myself rather than trying to find pre-made metal ones to fit. The legs use standard corner saw kerf positioned braces and hanger bolts to affix them to the table skirt. The table skirt has an antique bead detail and the table edge is a round over with a 1/8″ reveal. Interestingly, the edge of the reveal caused the shellac seal coat to hump up and when I was sanding the milk paint between coats, I got burn through. Lesson learned there on sanding after you seal coat…need to knock down the edge hump or be prepared to deal with thin finish on your sharp edges.

The mirror frame is assembled with Dominoes for corner joinery. The mirror can be replaced by removing the back panel which is attached with screws. My granddaughter picked out the “jeweled” knobs at Target.

The best part of the project was her reaction when we unpacked, assembled and placed it in her bedroom. She put her hands on her hips and looked at it as she exclaimed, “This is the best day of my whole life!” Big statement for a 6 year old to be sure. Being a grandparent is the best job in the Whole World. :)