Mike’s Cookbook Holder

Viewer Project - By Mike
Added on May 26, 2009

Thanks to Marc for the inspiration on the magazine rack. It struck me that this would be a great design for a cookbook holder, which my wife had mentioned would make a great Christmas gift. So I made a few adjustments to the design on SketchUp and went to work with the new (tentative) dimensions. The biggest change I made was the angle of the channels for sliding the two pieces together. Instead of 45 degree cuts, I made them 90 degrees. Everything else was pretty much Marc’s design.

I found the length of the the legs to the shorter piece to be about perfect. It allows for the correct reading angle of the book that will be resting on it and for support of the entire piece. Shorter legs and the thing wants to tip over backwards, longer legs and it might tip forward. I made it out of cherry and put a lacquer finish on it.

All in all, it was a fun simple project that will surely put a smile of my wife’s face! Thanks Marc, for all that you do!