The Childrens’ Rocker Collection

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Added on February 17, 2010

I have to say, I am blown away by these! No pun intended. :) I love how Kris has taken something as simple as a rocker, and turned into a meaningful and special tradition for his family. And not to mention, how he bumped up the level of difficulty a few notches each time! I know who to talk to if I ever decide to make a rocker! No little ones in my life yet but that wouldn’t stop me from making one for the show.

Just thought I’d send you some pics of some of my more fun projects. I made a rocking horse from some online plans for my first daughter for Christmas a few years ago and it has now become a tradition that each kid gets a rocker on their second Christmas. Daughter number two got a rocking airplane based on a store-bought toy a friend of mine had but with a few modifications. My son got my first attempt at an all from scratch rocker design: the rocket. This one was a little more fun since I came up with the idea and just made it work; without any plans, dimensions, or influences. It was also more challenging to figure out how to do some of the joinery. One of my favorite parts of the rocket was making the moveable control stick, thrust lever and the dials on the dash. In hindsight there are a few areas where I could have improved, and I guess thats why people make prototypes! At least I got some help from his sisters with figuring out dimensions! Anyway, enjoy, and feel free to suggest ideas for the next rocker design.


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