Accessible Outfeed Table

Viewer Project - By Chuck
Added on February 11, 2010

This incredible outfeed table was adapted from the design I used for my shop. Check out the video: Somebody Feed Me. Honestly, I can see this table being useful in all kinds of shops and the wide surface can easily double as an assembly table. A garbage can or a shop vac would even fit nicely in the area Chuck created for his wheelchair to roll under. So let’s check out Chuck’s creation.

I am in the process of setting up an all accessible wood shop. As part of this shop, I needed an outfeed table. I happened across your video on the new outfeed table that you made when you put on your Incra fence. I decided that I really liked the way that it went together and decided to design one for myself. My version uses the same general construction technique as yours, just with a few changes. It seemed absolutely useless to have a full table in the shop that I couldn’t roll under. So I made a 36″ opening in the middle of the table for me to roll into. When I did this, it allowed for two smaller shelves on either side instead of the one big one. You can always use more storage. As for materials, you had walnut ply laying around, I had a pile of rough red oak. So this is what it was made of. I also didn’t glue mine completely. I glued certain pieces of it and just screwed the whole thing together. I also screwed it together from the back so there were no visible holes. On the corner legs, instead of screwing and gluing with biscuits the way that you did, I used pocket holes. I think it worked out pretty well. I finished the table portion with Tung oil and treated the 3/4″ MDF top with four coats of clear satin poly. To finish the whole thing off, I put a power strip across the front. I think it turned out pretty well. I want to thank Marc for his inspiration and guidance in this project. It will be a great asset to my shop!


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