Charlie’s Hall Table

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Added on February 21, 2011

From: Charlie O’Flaherty

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hobbyist or Pro: Hobbyist

Finish Used: Sanded to 320 then applied 2 coats of 50% tung oil diluted with mineral spirits. Wiped excess and waited 24 hours between each coat. Then 5 coats of 100% tung oil with the same process. Finally, lightly burnished with 0000 steel wool.

Wood Species: Cocobolo, Zebra wood and Mahogany

Project Description:
Digging through the spider-filled corners of my hardwood supplier yielded a great piece of 12/4 cocobolo with beautiful grain and highly contrasting heartwood. The heartwood formed a graceful arc on the front edge of the plank that I wanted to feature so I found a piece of zebra wood with a similar feature and used that to repeat the pattern in the trestle (I had to do a 3-ply glue up to get the 12/4 thickness in the zebra wood).

I spent a while in Asia and it influences my design but I also made use of the golden ratio as a bit of a self-check. The original design was done on Sketchup (download here) but just as a rough plan then I templated everything on 1/2″ MDF.


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