YouTube vs Books

Video - May 3, 2017

Recently, I came across a post in the Wood Whisperer Community Facebook Page where a new woodworker asked for advice on beginner-friendly books. Several folks replied with something like, “Don’t waste your money and time, just go to YouTube.” Every time you say something like this, a tiny baby bookmark bursts into flames.

This video gives you a pretty clear idea of where I stand on this topic. Keep in mind I’m not advocating keeping a “dead” medium alive. If books go away because of new technology, then so be it. But it then becomes our responsibility as the craftspeople of today to get as much info as possible OUT of those books and into whatever new medium we’re responsible for. And while YouTube is indeed a fantastic resource, we’re not quite there yet. Not even close.

Here are a few books that I really enjoy and I think you will too. Please feel free to list your favorites in the comments.


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