You Don’t Need Breadboard Ends | Ask TWW

Video - March 27, 2023

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00:58 – Bandsaw buying advice

John is looking for a new bandsaw and is considering the Grizzly G0817. This is a pretty good choice but I think he should also consider the Laguna 14/12. Between the two, the Grizzly would be my pick.

02:44 – Do I need breadboard ends?

Bill is making a solid top nightstand and is concerned about NOT using breadboard ends. I explained that breadboard ends are not necessary. There are only two situations where I think breadboard ends truly make sense. One is when building solid tops for outdoor pieces. The second is because you simply like the look and want to see it on your finished product.

How to Make Breadboard Ends

C-Channel is Overrated – This video is about using c-channel but the discussion would also apply to breadboard ends.

04:06 – Problems with dowels

Marion is having trouble making good dowel joints. I recommend that they consider using a brad point bit instead of a traditional twist bit and consider getting a better dowel jig. I also recommended they consider relying upon classic mortise and tenon joinery.

07:11 – Update on wood storage racks

Derik wants to know how my metal lumber racks are working out. The lumber racks allow for vertical storage which can be very convenient when sorting through many pieces. I purchased them at Grainger.

07:53 – Best representation of wood in video games?

Joel wants to know what video games have the best woodworking/furniture. I recommended he look at The Witcher 3. 


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