Tricking Out a Cheap Desk | Was it Worth it?!

Video - August 6, 2021

We’ve all been there. A family member or friend needs a piece of furniture but you just don’t have time to build it, so they buy something instead. When my mom moved to Denver that’s exactly what happened. She needed a desk so she could start working and Nicole knew I wouldn’t be able to build one any time soon, so she purchased a desk and hutch for about $342. While the desk certainly has its issues, it’s really hard to complain at that price. Truth be told, my mom only made one request and that was to improve the drawer capacity. Of course that one change led me to think of other ways we might improve the desk to make it more functional.

The changes I made include building new drawer boxes, installing full-sized slides, building adjustable shelves, installing power grommets, raising a shelf, raising the keyboard tray, and adding an LED strip.

Here are some links to products shown in the video:


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