202 – The Thorsen House, A Greene & Greene Ultimate Bungalow

Video - May 21, 2013

The Thorsen House is one of the Greene & Greene ultimate bungalows located in Berkeley, California, one of the only ultimate bungalows in the northern part of the state. Built in 1909 by Hall and Ott and designed by Charles and Henry Greene, the house contains all of the detail one comes to expect from a Greene & Greeene masterwork.

The house is currently owned by the Sigma Phi Society of California and is a California historic landmark. While the house looks great in video, it is actually in need of repair and restoration. Leading the restoration effort are the Friends of the Thorsen House. Curious what needs fixing? Check out the list! If you would like to donate to help support the restoration effort, you can do so here.

I’d like to thank Darrell Peart for giving us the tour and the Friends of the Thorsen House allowing me to film on location.

The video gives you an extensive tour of the interior and exterior of the home, but here are a few images for you to enjoy as well:

thorsen-house-08 thorsen-house-07 thorsen-house-05 thorsen-house-04

thorsen-house-06 thorsen-house-01 thorsen-house-02 thorsen-house-03