Slat-Back Platform Bed

Video - August 9, 2020

The Story

My mom wants a Mid-Century Modern influenced Slat-Back Platform Bed. We’re super excited that she is moving to Denver soon. When she left AZ I told her to sell her furniture so that I could replace them with custom pieces. Well, now it’s time to make good on that promise and it all starts with a new Slat-Back Platform Bed. Mom really digs the Mid-Century Modern style so you’ll see that influence here. It’s a King size design and we have full plans and a series of nine videos available in the Guild. I’ll guide you through every step of the process. In addition, the Guild package also includes a separate PDF for a smaller Queen size version.

The Design

I played with a few different design concepts but ultimately ended up with something containing clean lines and a few surprising elements. The legs all feature tapers that lighten the look of the feet. The headboard is slanted back at a slight angle and the headboard slats are pillowed to soften their look. The platform is a simple half-lapped frame that sits on top of the base structure and the mattress is supported by wide slats that sit on the rails. Hidden from view is the center rail and the support blocks that allow the bed to be strong, yet have a very light appearance. The bed breaks down into separate parts. That includes the side rails, the headboard, the footboard, the platform frame, and the center rail. In addition, you might consider making the platform frame knock-down which should make transport easier.

This was a fun project but even in my 900 square foot shop I was a little pressed for space. If you decide to build one, you might consider whether or not you have the room to assemble the project and its various components. Furthermore, you might need a little help during the build when it comes time to move and assemble the parts.

Stuff I Used

Blades & Bits: Dado stack, 1” forstner bit, 3/4” forstner bit (for pre-drilling mortises), 1/2” upcut spiral router bitMLCS 14 degree 7/8”L dovetail bit (#7695), Flush Trim bit, drill bit slightly larger than 1/4” for bed bolt, 23/64” bit for threaded inserts, 1/8” roundover bit

Hardware: TWO 1/4-20 threaded inserts , TWO 3 1/2” bolts with lock washers and regular washers



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