Simple Trapezoid Bandsaw Box

Video - November 15, 2018

A bandsaw box can be pretty perplexing if you don’t know the tricks involved in making one. Once you understand the process, there are so many cool shapes and designs you can build. What you see here is my very first bandsaw box. I took a great deal of inspiration from my buddy Dave Piccuito’s book The New Bandsaw Box Book for this first trapezoidal design, but my second box went off the rails a bit: the Deadpool Head Bandsaw Box. 

The bandsaw blade I’m using is a Carter 3/16″ – 4 TPI blade. I found this worked quite well but I can see how you might need to change your blade depending on the complexity of the design. For really tight corners, consider something like a 1/8″ blade.

All in all it was a fairly simple process with fairly immediate gratification (as woodworking projects go). Give one a shot!


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