Quick High-Quality Shop Cabinets

Video - October 15, 2018

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in my new Colorado shop for two years already! When I look at the condition of the garage when we moved and compare that to how it looks today, it’s pretty much unrecognizable. The original garage had lots of nice big/deep cabinets that were totally impractical for a small shop woodworker. Most of them were removed but the last thing to go was a small alcove  at the far end of the shop. I recently built a Miter Station and since I was already in cabinet-building mode, I decided to gut the alcove and start over with cabinets more suited to my needs.

The left cabinet will feature 8 drawers and two adjustable shelves. The right cabinet will have 8 pullout trays hidden behind two frame & panel doors. The space between the cabinets was originally designated for a garbage can, but I made a late-game decision to put my drill press there instead.

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Plain Language Disclosure: I approached Rockler for partnership on this project. They were a perfect fit since they had the hinges and slides I wanted to use as well as the fact that I already owned several of Rockler’s jigs that make cabinet-building much easier. The slides, hinges, and Lock-Align components were provided by Rockler. The jigs were items I already owned. Rockler then paid a fee that funded the production of this video. As always, I don’t let anything into my shop that I don’t want there and I never partner with companies that I don’t believe in. 


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