JessEm Rulers, Optima Mortise Chisels, Harvey RG-2 Roller Guide | Tools Unleashed 01

Video - April 22, 2024

Welcome to a new series I’m calling Tools Unleashed, where I’ll provide first impressions and mini tool reviews for your enjoyment. UNLEASH THE TOOLS! 

JessEm SS Precision Rulers – Sent to me for free. No affiliate link.

JessEm is expanding their line of measuring and marking tools and the latest offering is their Stainless Steel Precision rulers. The unique feature here is the grippy tabs that help the rule grip the work with just a small about of finger pressure, reducing the chances of slippage during use.

Blue Spruce Optima Mortise Chisels – Sent to me for free. No affiliate link.

Blue Spruce, now owned by Woodpeckers, adds to their line of excellent chisels with the new Optima Mortise Chisels. The chisels are beefy, well-balanced, and incredibly comfortable in-hand. The chisels are ready to use right out of the box and steel core means every mallet strike transfers all the energy right to the tip of the chisel.

Harvey RG-2 Roller Guide – Purchased by me. No affiliate link.

Harvey’s RG-2 Roller Guide is completely over-engineered and I’m here for it. I love this thing! I’ve used it at both the bandsaw and the table saw and the two independent rollers provide just the right amount of pressure to the work. The best part is that you can adjust the pressure on the fly by simply turning a dial.

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