I Could Do That Too If I Had Those Tools! | Shop Tours

Video - September 12, 2023

I Could Do That Too If I Had Those Tools! It’s a common refrain in the online woodworking community. Obviously the tools don’t build the projects themselves but they sure can make life in the shop easier.

This time in our Community Shop Tour series we’re looking at some envy-inducing shops, either due to the number/quality of tools or the amount of space available. These folks put a lot of time and resources into the design and organization of their shop space, and it really shows! So grab a paper towel for the drool and enjoy.

Special thanks to the folks who took the time to submit these tours:

  • Erick Ridout in Utah
  • Scott Timmins in Tennessee
  • Mike Gervais in Utah
  • Bob Cooper in S. Carolina

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