Hidden Wireless Charging in a Desk Top

Video - August 20, 2018

Wireless charging is cool. Wireless charging that is completely hidden is even cooler! When I built my Executive Desk, I knew I wanted to include wireless charging as a feature but I didn’t want to look at a charging pad all the time. To hide the charger, I can route a recess in the underside of the desktop and charge directly through the wood. The big question is, how much wood can exist between the charger and the device? Much of this depends on the charger and the device itself, but my tests showed a bare iPhone X working with as much as 1/4″ thick stock. When it comes to phone cases it’s a crap-shoot since cases come in so many different sizes, thicknesses, and materials. So if you plan on installing hidden wireless charging in a desktop, I highly recommend testing for yourself.

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