End Grain Glue Myths | You May Have Misunderstood

Video - September 12, 2021

Recently, Patrick Sullivan released a video on End Grain Glue Myths and within a few days my inbox was swarmed with people asking for my opinion. I normally don’t provide public commentary on other peoples’ content but after having numerous conversations about the results of Patrick’s test and reading countless comments from people expressing that they no longer need to worry about interlocking wood joinery, I felt compelled to express my opinion. Let me be clear in that I do not disagree with anything in Patrick’s video. He did an excellent job and I can’t wait to see his future tests. I found his approach refreshingly scientific and I found his explanations enlightening.

The 2009 joint test article I referenced is from Fine Woodworking #203.

My hope is that this explanation prevents folks from assuming they can now assemble all of their furniture with glued butt joints only.


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