116 – Ebony Plugs

Video - April 14, 2010

This video is an accompaniment to my column in the Aug. 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. The video focuses on pillowing ebony pegs, an adornment commonly found in Greene & Greene style furniture. The method is adapted from Darrell Peart’s techniques. Now although the video focuses on the pegs, the article shows you how I built my John Hall frame reproduction. And if you want to build one yourself, you can download the article and the full-size templates below.

Download the PDF of the article and the full-sized patterns, courtesy of Popular Woodworking.

There is sure to be some deja vu here. Some of you may remember me linking to this when the original article was released. But once again, this is an opportunity to add this video to my site archive, while giving you an opportunity to download the PDF of the article for free. Guild members will have even more deja vu since I produced a similar but more in-depth video that now lives in the Guild Archive.


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