Urea Resin Woodworking Glues

Video - April 23, 2010

This video is an accompaniment to my column in the April 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. The article serves as a general review of common woodworking glues and when to use them. The video, however, focuses specifically on urea resin woodworking glues. These glues definitely have their advantages: low water content, gap-filling, long open time, and rigid glue lines just to name a few. But keep in mind the one big disadvantage: safety. These glues are pretty nasty and you might be best served considering other options. But with proper precautions (gloves, goggles, and respirator), this glue can be a nice addition to your shop. The two brands I use are DAP Weldwood, and Unibond 800.

Download the PDF of the article.


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