Qutt’s Garage Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Qutt Saeed
Added on January 17, 2018

In my earliest memories, I have always had the ability tocomplete projects. From that first thought that a problem needed to be solved, a difficulty needed to be eased, or even just out of curiosity. Having the idea, coming up with a design and plan to achieve the goal and then all the way to the final build. Following this passion has never been an easy road for me. I worked hard to enroll myself in studying mechanical engineering and graduated successfully. Life took me down a different path due to the harsh place I grew up in, and the choices I made seeking freedom against one of the worst dictatorial regimes that existed. From striving for a better future, to a political prisoner, to a contractor for the US Special Forces, to a soldier in the US Army. Life changed so much for me and my family. It was finally time to pursue the dream that had been waiting for a long time. I decide to choose the woodworking craft to be my way to express my ability to create interesting designs.

In 2011, I bought my first tool. It was a $45 Hitachi drill. I purchased a few books after doing some research for the best that have been written about different subjects in the craft, and developed a full plan to build the ultimate shop, believing that it’s the only way to achieve ultimate builds. I created a long list of tools and machines that needed to be purchased. As well as a list of shop projects that I needed to design and build from scratch. I believe upgrading to be a waste of time and money, so everything had to be fully capable for the long run. I divided my list to stations: tablesaw station; mitersaw station; drilling station; etc.

I am now more than half way to fulfilling my dream.  That small $45 drill value has turned into $54,000 worth of equipment. My next step is to start the business and arrive at the point where it’s able to support itself and then all the way to the final ultimate shop!


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