Peter’s Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Peter Durand from Surrey, BC
Added on March 10, 2013

The shop is within a 3 bay garage attached to the house with an enclosed breezeway. It started out as a one bay space with a radial arm saw and a drill press, both long gone. I then decided space from a second bay would be a lot more useful as an expanded workshop rather than housing an old beater against the rain. So the shop grew to its present size–23X23–and it is well insulated!

I’ve been retired 5 years. What I build is for family and friends, built-ins, tables, desks but no chairs. Happily going through a Greene & Greene phase.

It is a small shop and everything is on wheels except for the drill press, the Kapex and long work bench. The DC is in the remaining car part of the structure along with most sheet goods, which is great for muffling the sound. The jointer and planner both have the Shelix cutterheads which I have found makes a BIG difference when working with highly figured woods.

Most of the tools have been upgraded within the last few years. I figured, hell, I might as well enjoy my retirement and have no regrets whatsoever about the costs. They have not generated any income but they have generated a lot of fun and joy! The assembly table on wheels also does double duty as a desk and in and out feed surface for the band saw and drill press.

In hindsight, the only thing I would do different is to have the floor heated like the rest of the house.


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