John’s Basement Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by John Gravatt from North Liberty, IA
Added on December 10, 2014

My basement shop is small, but gets the job done. It started out as a 13 x 12 room, but I quickly gobbled up the 11 x 10 room next to it. Unfortunately, I am now landlocked and can’t expand without tearing out some of the finished basement. Needless to say, my wife does not approve.

I have spent literally hours trying to design a small space layout using the Grizzly shop planner. I think I came up with 70+ variations before I settled with the current one. Apparently, I am addicted to shop planning.

Most of my tools I had to buy new, because Craigslist just doesn’t have much in my area. I watched the site for months before I gave in and bought a new table saw. Then other new power tools starting showing up. I think I ended up with 2 good finds on Craigslist thus far, my Jet dust collector and Jet mortiser.

I hope to tear down and build some new workbenches in the future. I slapped these together using construction lumber, just to get started. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a priority since and my project backlog keeps growing with no end in sight. A good problem to have I suppose!


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