Old Man Spags | Woodworking Morning Show

Morning Show - September 18, 2020

00:00:40 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:12 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:03:08 – Table leg showcase
00:05:05 – Guild’s Fremont Chest of Drawers project has started!
00:05:45 – Vanity guild project pre-order is open
00:06:18 – Jet Drum Sander Giveaway! End Sept 30th
00:07:00 – Condensed version of Nicole’s desk video series
00:09:00 – How many guild members are there now?
00:10:40 – What block plane did you use in the workbench cabinet build?
00:12:13 – What kind of HVLP sprayers can you recommend?
00:13:55 – Any recommendations on a straight edge?
00:15:40 – Any recommendations on feeler gauges?
00:17:30 – Can we sell pieces we made from guild projects? Yes and No
00:22:05 – How can I mill a gigantic board for a table top?
00:23:50 – Sketchup guild project
00:25:30 – Do you glue in a plywood frame and panel for rigidity or let it float?
00:26:53 – How do you drill a flat bottom hole?
00:29:25 – What did you use for the paneling on your wall?
00:30:30 – What first block plane should a beginning woodworker should buy?
00:32:00 – Do you get insects in the grooves of your wood paneling?
00:33:55 – How high do you make your end tables?
00:35:40 – Do you have any opinions on the Shaper Origins?
00:36:42 – How can you plan built-in cabinets to ensure everything fits?
00:40:50 – When driving screws, do you use a normal screwdriver or impact driver?
00:41:50 – How can I repair and refinish an outdoor bench?
00:44:30 – How do you store your sheet goods?