If it’s in front of me, I’m gonna play with it!

Morning Show - June 5, 2020

1:00 – Welcome to the Friday Live Woodworking Show!
2:11 – Marc had to poop early this morning
2:26 – Support the show on Patreon!
3:03 – Thanks to our new Patreon Supporters!
3:35 – Marc got a T-Shirt from Bob’s Woodshop
6:03 – Nicole updated the iOS TWW app and the Android one is pending!
6:50 – Nicole is making face masks!
7:37 – How should I remove the paint from my old cabinets to prepare them for refinishing?
8:43 – Why did you move to Colorado?
10:10 – Do you still have the gadget station?
11:03 – Should I allow wood to acclimate in my shop or my home?
12:54 – Do you know any other People of Color Woodworking channels\Instagram Accounts?
On YouTube: Darryl Jones – WoodTurner, Sean the Maker, Handmade with Ashley, On Instagram: D and S Craftworks, Jay at Life1122, Tazboards (TJ & Ev), Lauren at Rasp File Design, XX44 Woodworkers, Alan Got Wood and Dunns Wood.
Have a YouTube or Instagram Account you would like us to know about? Submit it here!
19:17 – Youtube has a Patreon-Like system, are you considering it?
20:22 – Where do you draw the line on taking care of all parts of a project, even those you can’t see?
22:55 – Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the shop? How do you get past that feeling?
26:51 – What are some of your shop layout and efficiency pointers?
30:36 – Why is Marc digging into his fingers?
31:08 – What could I replace my tablesaw with if I don’t have room for a Tablesaw?
33:27 – I have an old PM66 Table Saw – How can I change blades without cutting my hands?
36:39 – How can I sharpen my kitchen knives?
39:45 – How can I try and darken both Sapele and Red oak and still have them compliment each other?
41:53 – Have you tried out any of the thermally modified wood? Has Austin Hardwoods gotten any interesting exotics in?
44:50 – What’s the deal with spray Poly directions versus the normal gallon cans?
46:53 – How do you attach aromatic cedar in the bottom of the blanket chest if you wanted to add some?
47:16 – I am making the guild stepstool, can I laminate wood to get thicker wood?
49:14 – Looking to resaw with my new 14″ bandsaw, what size blade should I use?
50:33 – Have you ever taken on a very large order and was it worth it if you did?
53:25 – What do I need to know before power carving with an angle grinder?
55:07 – Is Marc attending the grand opening of April Wilkerson’s woodshop?
56:40 – Where should I start researching what Pellet Grill or Smoker to get to up my BBQ game?