57 – Gadget Station (1 of 12)

Video - July 6, 2008

Time to embark on our next project: a Gadget Station. Most people have tons of gadgets laying around the house these days, and they all need to be charged. So my goal is to create a wall hanging cabinet that houses the electronics in a safe and organized fashion. An interesting point of interest with this project is that the recipient is the one and only, Leo Laporte (The Tech Guy).

Now here’s another great thing about this project. Since many of you could also use something like this in your own homes, I am inviting you to build a gadget station of your own design, right along with me! There are so many ways you can take this project that it should be incredibly fun and educational to see where you folks take the design. As discussed in the video, here are the challenges we need to tackle: 1- Heat, 2- Cord Management, 3- Organization, and 4- Aesthetics. If we get enough people interested in building a Gadget Station, I will set up live meetup nights where we can discuss our progress and compare ideas. Just an FYI, the wood hasn’t even arrived yet so the next video will not be out for a little while. But don’t let that stop you from starting yours. Thanks!


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