Woodworking Teacher Appreciation Day

Ask TWW - May 6, 2021

00:00:52 – Welcome back to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
00:01:12 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:03:33 – Are you going to put out a video of the veneering for your pantry project?
00:04:34 – Is baltic birch plywood ok to paint?
00:05:14 – Do you typically joint the edge after cutting down a large panel?
00:07:17 – How do you get to the aftershow?
00:07:38 – What’s a spiral cutter head in a planer?
00:08:45 – I just ordered a Recteq. I hope you’re happy.
00:09:28 – What would you recommend for drilling 20mm holes for an MFT?
00:10:26 – How did the bleached panels of the executive desk turn out?
00:11:42 – Can Rubio be used on cutting boards?
00:13:52 – What’s the best technique to put a curve on the front of a project?
00:15:46 – What’s the next project?
00:18:40 – Door refinishing showcase
00:22:00 – What’s the best way to avoid burn marks on the table saw?
00:23:28 – Do you take into account the room a piece of furniture is going in when selecting the wood?
00:25:08 – What’s a good air filtration system for paint fumes?
00:26:09 – What sort of projects are coming out this year?
00:27:22 – How thick do you recommend inlays to be?
00:28:15 – Will there be more beginner’s videos with Nicole?
00:29:20 – Do you use a power sander or do you hand sand between finish coats?
00:30:00 – What are your thoughts on using a smaller table saw blade?
00:32:17 – Is there a metric version of this show anywhere?
00:32:45 – What’s a good durable finish for an end tabletop?
00:36:09 – What’s a good size blade to cut curves on a bandsaw?
00:37:40 – What are the best tools to start a cutting board business?
00:39:50 – What part of the blade is matched to the riving knife?
00:40:50 – Do you have any videos on Shou Sugi Ban?
00:42:27 – How far apart are your dog holes on your workbench?
00:44:00 – What is the best way to use the variable speed on my drum sander?
00:46:05 – Who would survive the zombie apocalypse? Marc, Matt, or Shannon?


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