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Ask TWW - January 29, 2021

00:01:05 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:25 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:02:20 – Mail time! Thank you!
00:04:13 – What is Nicole building?
00:07:58 – Morley Lounge Chair intro video
00:09:30 – Do you only answer Patreon or superchat questions during the show?
00:10:13 – Would a panel of differing woods meant for outdoor use be an issue?
00:12:58 – Do you have any advice on a 45-degree dovetail?
00:14:15 – Would you advise covering your shop floor with rubber tiles?
00:15:25 – Making a cabinet, would you prefer dado joinery over pocket screws?
00:16:40 – Do you have a video on your creative process in designing a project?
00:18:25 – How do you flush your solid wood trim down to the panel?
00:20:22 – Are there any resource videos for fine upholstered videos?
00:22:04 – What’s the oldest tool that you use?
00:23:50 – How big should a rabbet be for the back of my picture frame?
00:25:28 – How did you get the zero clearance on the back of your miter saw fence?
00:26:25 – Is an Oneida Supercell air purifier overkill for a 2.5 garage stall shop?
00:27:23 – Can I get away with a less protective finish on my Adirondack chairs for an indoor pool area?
00:29:08 – Do I need a miter saw when I’m just getting started or does a crosscut sled handle most situations?
00:31:07 – Does the finish take longer to cure when it gets older?
00:32:40 – When is the beginning course going to be a guild project?
00:35:45 – Adventures with dowels!
00:37:20 – Is and end grain butcher block countertop ok near the sink?
00:38:20 – Can benchtop planers and jointers be sustainable for making frames?
00:40:10 – Why do I hear your voice when I read your books?
00:40:48 – Can a drum sander replace a jointer?
00:41:55 – What’s your opinion on customizing the Morley lounge chair?
00:43:10 – How do I repair a scratch on my varnished dining room table?
00:45:00 – How can I repair a leaf for a dining table that twisted while in storage?


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