Kick Me in the Nuts | Morning Show

Ask TWW - October 16, 2020

00:00:42 – Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
00:01:50 – Last day for the discount on the Sketchup Guild class

Intro to Sketchup

00:02:30 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:03:21 – Mail time!
00:08:00 – T-shirt announcement. Order until Oct 31st!
00:10:05 – Do you use both sides of the t tracks on your miter saw station?
00:11:30 – Any acceptable rules of thumb for moisture content before working with the lumber?
00:13:30 – Do you have any resources for building entry doors?
00:14:05 – How can I make the setup process quicker to route my mortises?
00:15:56 – Why do you ignore melamine as a building material?
00:17:05 – How can I prevent burning when using my router?
00:19:55 – Any pointers on setting up a drum sander?
00:21:58 – Desert Fox Woodworking shoutout
00:22:57 – What lessons did you learn adapting to your smaller space?
00:24:46 – TWWBBQ on Amazon Prime!
00:25:30 – Are you going to help Matt move?
00:26:40 – Do you see a problem with making half of a workbench top thicker?
00:29:30 – My bevel cut with my miter saw is coming out curved. Any tips?
00:31:15 – How can I make my radial arm saw dust collection more effective?
00:33:00 – Are you planning on doing a hard wax oil shootout?
00:38:34 – Can you use green construction lumber to build furniture?
00:39:45 – Is lauan plywood too soft for benchtops?
00:40:45 – How can I make my finish match between different wood species?
00:42:04 – Would you recommend mortise chisels or a better set of bench chisels?
00:42:58 – Do you get worried that your temporary solutions become permanent?
00:45:05 – What’s the best way to test a planer?
00:46:25 – Any thoughts on WoodPeckers Rip-Flip fence stop system?
00:49:35 – Is a domino worth it for a hobbyist vs a high-end doweling jig?


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