Don’t Micromanage Your Microbevels

Ask TWW - January 15, 2021

00:01:40 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:45 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:04:37 – Post-Holiday Update
00:06:30 – How can I keep my bevel flat while sharpening?
00:12:00 – What does 2021 look like for the guild? Morely Lounge Chair pre-order ends Jan 31st
00:16:45 – Do you still do consultations?
00:18:00 – Have you changed your stance on personal air filtration?
00:19:18 – How much space do you need on either side of your miter station?
00:21:13 – Any info on the new double square from Woodpeckers?
00:21:35 – What was the cost to do your floor?
00:24:20 – Any chance you’ll reload the old wood whisperer morning shows?
00:25:20 – How should I plan outlets for my shop?
00:30:00 – How can you snug up a jointer knife without moving on the final snug?
00:31:45 – What are your thoughts on the economy of buying 8/4 and resawing instead of buying thinner material?
00:33:35 – What are some tips for installing an air filtration unit?
00:37:20 – Can you thicken up TotalBoat to use as a glue instead of filling?
00:39:20 – Have you ever considered adding metalworking to your repertoire?
00:42:20 – Can you do an epoxy pour thicker than the recommended or will it never cure?
00:45:45 – Have you ever done a full blind dovetail?
00:47:30 – How do you get back in the groove when you’re burnt out?
00:50:37 – Have you ever thought about using Fusion360?
00:52:08 – How can I finish a live edge waterfall project?
00:56:20 – When is WoodTalk coming back?

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