Back Slap Bed

Ask TWW - July 10, 2020

00:00:42 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:05 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:01:40 – Slat Back Bed project – LAST DAY FOR PREORDER (7/10)
00:03:25 – Mail time! Thank you Pappy’s Choice BBQ Rub and D&S Craftworks!
00:08:50 – What’s your recommendation on a clear coat over paint?
00:10:50 – How do I prevent a white haze when I finish around epoxy fill?
00:12:17 – Can I use MDF instead of plywood for a shelf?
00:14:50 – What’s the best, cheapest hardwood to use to get good results?
00:18:52 – What’s your recording setup like?
00:21:00 – Do you need to separate wood species before it’s dried?
00:22:30 – What’s the best wood to use for a screen door?
00:23:40 – Where can I get a Skyrim dragon priest mask?
00:25:10 – How often do you need to wax a jointer bed?
00:27:25 – How can I keep my drawers square when assembling them?
00:29:10 – How can I add a curve to the apron on the Gaming table?
00:31:45 – Any opinions on the largest Woodpeckers square?
00:33:12 – Instagram auction #artistsforallyship
00:34:35 – What size dominos should I use?
00:37:20 – What’s a good first hand plane?
00:39:48 – What’s the difference between American and Japanese planes?
00:41:25 – Does the current climate affect if you should be in the shop or not?
00:46:05 – What’s the best way to clean glue off a tablesaw?

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