Which Table Design Do You Prefer?

Article - May 28, 2013

Right now in the Wood Whisperer Guild, we’re building a classic Tilt-Top Table. As always, we like to present a couple of options along the way. Hey, we can’t expect everyone to have the same tastes, right?

We provided two options in the plan and if you look at them from afar, they are quite similar. Yet somehow, each version invokes a very different response. To my eye, Option 1 is sleeker and caters to a more modern palette. Option 2 is more traditional and holds true to some of the classic designs.

So I’m curious to see how the TWW readership feels about these two designs. Which do you prefer? And even if you don’t like either of them, you probably have one that you dislike more than the other. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know WHY you like one more than the other.

option-1 option-2

leg-templatesIn the shop today, I made the templates for the legs out of scrap plywood. Here’s a look at the two profiles. Maybe this will give you a better real-life vantage point to aid in your decision.