Photographing Your Work

Article - August 2, 2014

photo-setupNever underestimate the power of a good quality picture! Even the most elegant masterpiece can look like crap if the picture is bad enough. So if you want to make the best first impression or especially if you’re selling your work, having good pictures is a requirement. Fortunately, with some basic equipment and a couple of lights, you can produce professional-quality photos. Well, they may not truly be “professional quality” but they’ll be good enough to impress other woodworkers and potential buyers, depending on who your audience is. A true professional photographer could certainly do a better job but you’ll have to pay for their expertise.

My Setup

Canon 60D – This is a really nice camera. As you’ll see in the video, you don’t actually need something this nice to take good photos. With a nice background and lights, even a smartphone will take great photos.

Imact Background Drives and Impact Hooks

Savage 107” Beige Paper Roll  – Lots of colors available but I use beige the most.

Steve Kaeser Lighting – I recommend a simple 3 or 2-light setup with LED lights.


The following pictures were all taken using the setup shown in the video.