John Hall Frame Reproduction

Article - April 17, 2009

Well here it is folks: the Hall Frame reproduction. This was an incredibly fun project and was one that had a profound effect on me. Having actual contact with the original piece (made in 1909) and creating a reproduction in 2009 just made this project that much more special to me. As you can see above, the frame is a fairly accurate copy in terms of overall shape, size and proportions. Its pretty clear that John Hall did something to color his frame, as it has a distinct red color that is missing from mine. I also made a prototype out of alder which will be a gift for my mom, and you’ll see below how dramatically different the mood of the frame is when made with a lighter colored wood.

I am incredibly proud of this piece and would like to thank Darrell Peart for putting a picture of this piece in his book, since that’s where I first saw it. I would also like to thank Gary Hall (grand-nephew of John Hall) for giving me access to the frame. And I can’t forget to thank my buddy TreeFrog (Brad) for helping me take measurements and photos of the original, and also for exhibiting an enthusiasm equal to my own concerning this project.

This frame was featured in a Popular Woodworking article and you can download that here, as well as the full-sized patterns.

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