2016 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Results!

Article - February 24, 2017

In the hussle and the bustle of moving and the holidays, Marc and I realized we forgot to announce the results of the 2016 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer charity drive officially! So without further adieu, thank you to everyone that built the castle bookcase (almost 100 built!), bought a mug, hat or coin ($1745 worth sold!), participated in the auctions or just donated directly to The Jessie Rees Foundation. Because of all of you we hit our 1st goal of raising $15,000 and we came close to our second goal of $20,000! Currently we are at $17,606.00 and our campaign is open all year long. So while we are not actively fundraising you can still donate directly to the charity anytime you like. Your donations help bring joy into the lives of kids and families that are battling cancer and Erik from The Jessie Rees Foundation also wanted express his thanks.

“WOW!! Because of your generosity, we will be able to stuff and ship over 860 JoyJars for Courageous Kids battling cancer! So awesome! Thank You for your support!”
– Erik Rees, Jessie’s Daddy

You can still donate at anytime to help us reach our second goal and provide more JoyJars to kids!

You can also learn more about Jessie’s story and how her foundation began here.


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