The Ultimate Space-Saving Hack For Storing Your Spices | In-wall Spice Rack You Must See!

Video - June 24, 2024

We recently completed a kitchen renovation which included a new pantry. In order to promote continued marital bliss, it became abundantly clear to me that I needed a better way to store my extensive collection of BBQ rubs and spices. Instead of taking up precious shelf space, I decided to steal space from one of the stud cavities behind the drywall to make an in-wall spice rack. The process is much easier than you’d think: cut the opening, mud the back side of the interior drywall so it’s nice and smooth, then construct a frame that can be inserted into the opening for a nice snug fit.

A word of warning: make sure there’s no electrical lines in the wall cavity. Many stud finders have the ability to detect wires and in the worst case scenario, you can open up the wall and do a visual inspection. If you see wires, pick another stud bay.

Now I have enough room for my entire collection and I can actually see what I have, instead of having to dig through rows of spice bottles that are sitting in a bin on a shelf. Good luck making your own in-wall spice rack!

Links for the In-Wall Spice Rack:


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