237 – Salt Cellar

Video - December 14, 2014

After posting the video for the Kids Kitchen Step Stool, several folks asked if I built the little salt cellar we have in our kitchen. I didn’t. But I decided the design was straightforward enough that I’d try to make a copy for myself and maybe a few extra as gifts. After about 2 hours, I had my first one. It was so quick and easy that I went back and made three more the next day! If you or someone in your life loves to cook, you are definitely going to want to make a few!


This project is pretty basic and really requires no formal plans. All you need to do is decide on a shape you like and draw it onto your blanks. But if you want to make the same teardrop shape I did, you’ll want to download and print this template at actual size. I pretty much just scanned the top and bottom of my salt cellar so it’s nothing too fancy. Cut out both shapes and use the larger one when cutting your blanks to rough size, then use the smaller one just prior to bandsawing as shown in the video.

The Wood

You’ll need two blanks milled to 1 5/8″ thick and one piece milled to 1/2″ thick.
*CORRECTION* – The blanks should all be about 5″ W x 6″ L, not 5″ x 5″ as stated in the video. Don’t be afraid to mix your species for visual effect. This is a great project for large 8/4 cut-offs that might not have any other use for!


Just about any threaded insert intended for hardwood will do the trick, but here’s one that should work quite well. As for bolts, I recommend 2 3/4″ long connector bolts.

Other Stuff

Rockler Circle Template
Bowl & Tray Bit
Double-Sided Tape


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