31 – Pencil Holders

Video - October 31, 2007

With the holiday season on its way, its time to start cranking out those gifts!! And that’s what we are going to do in this episode. I designed these simple little pencil holders several years ago just as a way of utilizing shop scrap. Turns out they make great gifts too. So get creative and try different color/wood combinations. Its hard to make these things look bad. This video covers wood selection, milling, and assembly of a fancy little pencil holder. Stay tuned for Episode 32 when we focus solely on finishing this piece.

Penicl Holder
And I need to send out a big thank you to Nick for producing the SketchUp drawing above. Simply click the picture and you can download the .skp file. If you don’t have SketchUp, you can download the free version here.



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