6 – Milling Lumber

Video - December 10, 2006

In this episode, I review one of the most critical and fundamental aspects of woodworking: milling lumber. I review my 4-step milling process, which requires some big tools. And since I know many folks don’t have a fully outfitted shop, I also present numerous alternative methods for jointing edges and flattening faces. The jointer’s jumpin’ baby!!!

Update (9/10/10): After re-watching this episode, its pretty clear that I missed the ball with the name. I thought it was clever and funny at the time, but it makes it seem like we are going to focus solely on the jointer. Instead, its more of a basic review of milling procedures involving the jointer, planer, and the tablesaw. Oh well, what’s done is done. I think if I did this video over again though, I might need to add a few more alternative techniques. Primarily, the one that involves using the jointer with the guard off to plane part of a wide board, then running it through the planer with a piece of ply in the jointed area to clean up the other side. A little hard to describe so I’ll have to cover this on the site sometime in the future. All in all, I think this video still holds up in terms of giving you some ideas on how to go from rough lumber to properly surfaced boards.


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