Crooked Garden Gate

Video - October 11, 2017

We have a gate on the side of my house that allows access to the backyard. While not a conspicuous gate, I wanted to replace it with something more interesting to look at. The opening for the gate just happens to be out of square, thanks to a rock-faced wall that leans in. In order to make the new gate look right, I’ll have to intentionally build a crooked gate. And if I do my job correctly, no one will ever know it isn’t square.

My local lumber yard didn’t have a great selection of outdoor-friendly species so I decided on white oak. White oak is rot-resistant and dense and should work well enough for this application. There are no plans available for this build because it’s completely customized for my unique space.

I’d like to thank my buddies Matt Cremona and Andy Klein for helping me out with this project. If you want to see Matt’s stool build, click here.

Outdoor Finish

To finish the gate, I decided to use one of the most durable outdoor finishes regimens I know: CPES followed by Epifanes. I’m new to the Colorado climate so I’m anxious to see how this finish holds up.

Products Used


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