131 – Advent Calendar (1 of 3)

Video - November 9, 2010

The holidays are quickly approaching, and this year I’m making an Advent Calendar. If you aren’t familiar with Advent, check out this article. Now I’m not a religious man but I do celebrate Christmas, and I have the fondest memories counting down the days in December as a child. Who am I kidding? I STILL count down the days until Christmas!!

This Advent calendar is relatively basic in design, but has 25 little cubbies with enough room for a special treat or a secret message. In the first part of the two-part series, I start working on the grid structure and the hanging of the doors. The grid structure is creating using a shop-made jig that is very similar to a box-joint jig.

And if you’ve been following the Shop Journal on the blog, you’ll know how much of a pain the door hanging has been (see links below). But I finally came up with a good solution that I think you are going to like. It involves the use of Blind Nails from FastCap.

Want to build along with me? Download the plans and start making some sawdust:
Advent Calendar SketchUp Plan
Advent Calendar PDF Plan

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