Daniel’s Work Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Daniel from Ardmore, Alberta (Canada)
Added on June 6, 2012

I’ve been woodworking for about a year and a half. When I started to really enjoy the “sport” my parents renovated the basement under the garage which is why the ceilings are so low. I should probably mention that I am only 16. My father occasionally works in the shop, but most of the time I’m a lone wolf. Almost all of my stationary tools are General International and my hand tools are from Lee Valley (I collect Veritas planes). My shop has very limited floor space. The part of the shop shown in the pictures is the side closest to the door into our basement. The opposing side is a wood storage room also finished to the same standards of the shop side. I store only exotics in there. Domestic hardwoods and plywoods are stored in a unheated building that is 12x 24. On the “wood storage” side of the shop is where my dust collection and air compressor are located to keep shop noise to a minimum! The dust collection is run around the shop in 4″ piping where visible. On the wall where the miter saw is the dust collection is inside the wall.

In the town where I live there is a huge demand for absolutely every thing! So I have been suckered into woodworking as a part time job, which I don’t mind since you can charge basically what ever you want! The economy in which I live is grossly unrealistic! I enjoy it because it gives me the ability to make money off of hand tools instead of always looking for the quickest method. It also the ability to rapidly re-invest money back into my shop because every one loves buying tools!!!

Most of the work I do is custom cabinetry and interior solid wood doors which some times overwhelms the shop! I’m doing more and more furniture as I learn and gain experience from working with my dutch hand tool trainer. (He truthfully knows a few danish people and claims that you actually can’t get danish oil from squeezing danish people!! lol) He found Marc’s comment to be funny! If you are interested in seeing some of my work, please check out my web site. Thanks for viewing my shop!


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