Bucky Lab – Mobile Prototyping Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Marcel Bilow from Delft, The Netherlands
Added on September 10, 2013

Within the architecture master program of the TU Delft in The Netherlands, we have the 1st semester master course called the Bucky Lab. Wihin this course we teach the students how to develop facade related prototypes from sketch to working prototype. Due to the fact that we are using the workshop for only 2 weeks per semester, we had to close our permanent workshop. Our idea of a mobile workshop was born. Stored in the basement when not in use in 5 big flight cases, the mobile workshop can be placed anywhere we need our tools. In the summertime we rent a tent to set up the workshop—in the winter we rent an old industrial hall.

The workshop is fully equipped with woodworking tools from Festool, Makita, Fein and other brands. We claim to be able to build everything with it and up to now it works quite well. The core of the tools is built by a Festool Precisio CS70, a Kapex and a TS55 plunge saw with 3 Walko workbenches. We love our OF1010 router in combination with a CMS system from Festool.

This set will be completed with a lot of Festool tools like routers, jigsaws, different types of sanders, and a domino. Next to this we have a drill press, a band saw and a compressor in the box. Everything is fitted in the boxes to be safely transported and easy to access and maintain. A set of 5 big worktables on height adjustable a-frames creates the workspace. The boxes are also equipped with iPod docks to have a good vibe during our building weeks. We travel a lot with the workshop and its quite amazing as we open the boxes and turn any place into a full workshop. It allows us to turn the world into our workshop!


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