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Autographed copy of Marc’s 192-page book focused on the tools and techniques needed to incorporate hand tools into a power tool shop.

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A faster route to handcrafted results!

In the last few years, there’s been a push to return to the roots of woodworking when every step was done with hand tools–from resawing lumber and planing it flat, to cutting joins and creating profiles. Working this way can produce beautiful results, but is it the best method for woodworking in the 21st century?

In Hybrid Woodworking, author and Internet woodworking personality Marc Spagnuolo offers a more efficient approach that combines the strength of power-tool and hand-tool techniques. The end result: You save time and effort while producing furniture that still has that stunning handmade look.

The Hybrid System

Hybrid Woodworking will show you which machines and power tools are best for the grunt work of furniture making. It will explain which hand tools are essential for fine-tuning. And best of all, it will demonstrate techniques for working flawlessly and efficiently with every machine and tool in your shop.

Making beautiful furniture can be immensely gratifying. By adopting the hybrid woodworking system you can get to that satisfying end result with less effort while enjoying every step along the way.


  • 1 – Introduction
  • 2 – Tools of the Hybrid Woodworker
  • 3 – Techniques of the Hybrid Woodworker
  • 4 – Hybrid Woodworking Projects (examples, not full plans)

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